The Look-Up Line™.

The Look-Up Line™.

Ice Hockey Warning Track
“It’s not about a line, it’s about a life™”

What is the Look-Up Line™?

The Look-Up Line™, ice hockey’s warning track; is an adjunct to decreasing the risk of injuries along the boards. This thought-provoking warning track extends 40-inches in width around the entire circumference of the rink. The Look-Up Line™ does NOT affect the speed, intensity, or heritage of the game of hockey, or require any new playing rules.

The Look-Up Line™ serves to:
1. Warn players to keep their heads up when approaching the boards to decrease the risk of injuries
2. Warn players to be careful not to body check (contact) opposing players from behind
3. Give players an opportunity to make proper bodily adjustments before hitting the boards
4. Alleviate the failure to warn (board related) issue that currently exists at all levels in hockey
5. Remind on ice coaches and officials to continue to warn players about safety in hockey

The Look-Up Line™ is colored a PANTONE 151c safety orange. This color orange does not interfere with any current on ice markings and is universally associated with caution. The 40-inch warning track does not overlap any face-off dots, lower circles, or hash marks.


Thomas E. Smith- Boston Bulldogs Jr. A ’09
2x paralyzed from board-related accidents in hockey

Contributing Founders.

Timothy A. Roberts- RPI ’87 – Buffalo Sabres
Stefan L. Brannare- Providence College ’97
J. Tucker Mullin- St. Anselm College ’13

Development Team.

Thomas E. Smith- Boston Bulldogs Jr. A ’09
J. Tucker Mullin- St. Anselm College ’13
Timothy A. Roberts- RPI ’87 – Buffalo Sabres
Stefan L. Brannare- Providence College ’97
Dr. Alan Ashare- USA Hockey Chair: Safety and Protective Equipment Committee
Buddy Taft- Hockey Coach: Pingree School
Joe Bertagna- Former Commissioner, NCAA Hockey East
Christopher K. Smith- Foundation Director/Hockey Enthusiast
Kandie Hale- Foundation Director/Hockey Moms Against Injury

Safety Progression in Sports History.

Change is difficult, however, when the change keeps athletes safer without negatively impacting the game, it is undeniable. All of the following sports have made the proper playing surface modifications to help ensure a participants’ safety before hitting a solid object:


  • In 1974 the NFL moved goalposts to the back of the end zone.
  • Additionally, it is required that players and coaches stand 5 yards back from the field of play.


  • The NBA evolved its hoop to the current padded L-shaped framing posts to ensure player safety.
  • Players, coaches, and fans are required to sit at least 3-5 feet back from the court of play.


  • In July 1949 the MLB implemented a warning track ranging 10-15 feet around the perimeter of their fields.


  • All Olympic size pools have black lines on the bottom of the pools in each swimming lane. These lines end roughly 6-½ feet before the edge of the wall.

These modifications all have one thing in common: They give athletes the opportunity to pick up their heads and make proper bodily adjustments before hitting a solid object, something that the Look-Up Line™ does for hockey players.

Learn how to install the Look-Up Line in your rink today: