Boston Marathon

Three-time paralyzed man ready to walk the Boston Marathon

Tom Smith will be taking the Boston Marathon one step at a time.

Though he’s run Boston before, Smith won’t be trying to set a new personal best. After being paralyzed three times, he’s focusing instead on completing the 26.2 miles by walking, and wants to give hope to other paralysis patients with each step.

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Tom Smith, twice paralyzed, plans to walk Boston Marathon

He was a senior in high school, a blue-chip hockey recruit when he ran his first Boston Marathon in 2008.

Tom Smith could never have imagined the events that will lead him back to Hopkinton in two weeks.

The 10-year anniversary is just part of the reason why Smith’s return to Boston this year is so significant. It’s a journey that began shortly after he ran that marathon. Two separate freak accidents while playing hockey paralyzed him, then a car accident confined him to a wheelchair for three years.

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