Meet The Team.

Tom on the Ice

Tucker Mullin


Tucker Mullin felt the same passion his co-founder Tom did for hockey, following his desire to play from prep school to college. Tucker and Tom met the first time as opponents on the ice when Tom played for the Pingree School and Tucker skated for Phillips Andover Academy. A strong friendship between them developed when the two became teammates at the Junior hockey level.

When Tom suffered his first accident, Tucker made a personal commitment to support Tom both as a friend and teammate. He also witnessed his friend’s challenges and frustrations firsthand, especially the need to travel to Miami for medical care. Following Tom’s second injury, he and Tucker founded the Thomas E. Smith Foundation. While Tucker started the organization with Tom to help a close friend, as the organization grew he realized his support was not only helping just Tom, but the entire spinal cord injury community.

Tucker has been actively involved in community service efforts for many years and has contributed to numerous charitable organizations and fundraising efforts. He brings an organizational skillset to The Thomas E. Smith Foundation and manages the majority of operations. He and Tom continue to function as teammates in the fight for those with spinal cord injuries, embracing the opportunity to help others in need and to grow the Foundation into a national leader.

Tucker is also a Trustee of the Hockey Humanitarian Award Foundation based in Minneapolis, MN. He is a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and currently resides with his wife and young family in Boston, MA.