On Monday July 28, 2014 we announced on Vancouver Sports Radio that the Look-Up Line is being installed in rinks across Canada and yesterday we received word from the Nashville Predators Hockey Team that the Look-Up Line has been installed at their new Ford Ice Center practice facility!

In September the NHL prospect games will be held at this facility and we look forward to attending these games with NHL executives to discuss the Look-Up Line!

We would however like to publicly note that the Look-Up Line at the Ford Ice Center is colored yellow. This is an exception that we made ONLY for the Nashville Predators and is something that we will not be supporting moving forward. The reason being is because as oxygen seeps into ice-paint, it begins to fade and the color yellow becomes virtually non-existent thus defeating the purpose of a Look-Up Line.

With that being said we would like to sincerely thank the Nashville Predator ownership and management for being leaders by example and helping us spearhead this very important safety initiative!

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