Livingston Harding is a full-service residential real estate firm that believes in breaking the mold to offer top-notch client service for the modern buyer and seller. In 2014, anyone with an internet connection can see what’s for sale in a given town, or find out a computer-generated guesstimate of the market value of a particular property. We know that buyers and sellers want more from their agents. Our agents blend a deep knowledge of the real estate industry with an intimate connection to the communities where we work and live. We bring expert market analysis skills and top-notch personalized client service to each and every buyer and seller we meet. Our style is up-front, our approach is practical, and we value hard work and integrity above all else.

In addition to changing the way local real estate is practiced, Livingston Harding is committed to making a difference in our community. We donate to causes that we fundamentally believe in, and we donate to organizations that have set out to make a real difference in the world. For this reason, Livingston Harding has pledged to donate a percentage of its gross revenue to two local charities, including The Thomas E. Smith Foundation.  With strong ties to the issues we are trying to combat in the SCI community, Livingston Harding believes wholeheartedly that charity starts at home. Livingston Harding is committed to raising awareness for our own efforts, and we at The Thomas E. Smith Foundation are truly grateful for their support and belief in our cause.


Livingston Harding