erica predum

INDIANA- Erica Predum, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, is 27 years old and a mother of 2 boys. In 2007, Erica was injured when she rolled her SUV on the highway. After suffering a C5/C6 spinal cord injury, doctors told her she would never walk again. Erica is a fighter, and her spirit shines through in who she wants to be for her young family. With a great attitude, she embraces the fact that they are her motivation, and her biggest pursuit has been staying healthy and active for them. We are honored to provide Erica and her family with a $4,000 physical therapy grant that will cover 5 months at Sud’n Impact Gym in Indiana. Her passion for exercise and spending time doing therapy are very important for her independence and overall well-being, and she will now be able to spend additional hours and days in the gym. With our assistance, Erica will be able to focus her fundraising efforts on bigger projects while we help ease the burden of her physical therapy costs. Making a quick and meaningful impact for Erica was our goal, and we wish her the very best over the next 5 months as she continues to work hard and get stronger for the people she loves.

To learn more about Erica’s story, please follow the link below to see her inspirational video.

Erica Predum Story