Joe on the go

Coach Joe Racicot was born on November 1, 1954 in Pittsfield Massachusetts. In his younger years, Joe was a gifted athlete, and loved to compete against his friends within the Berkshire County community.

All of this changed on July 3, 1981 when Joe suffered a tragic diving accident which left him with a serious spinal cord injury. With a diagnosis of quadriplegic, Joe found himself in an extremely difficult situation. Through this adversity, Joe gained confidence and determination which led him on a path to become the beloved coach and mentor of hundreds of student athletes. For decades, Berkshire County athletes and their families have witnessed as Coach Racicot has refused to give in to his disability. He has been steadfast in the principle of leading by example, and his determination and resolve has been inspirational to all who know him.

In honor of Joe and his unrelenting spirit, community members in the Pittsfield area banded together in order to show support for their friend. They formed a committee, Joe-On-The-Go, and their goal was to raise enough funds to put Joe in a vehicle that was safe and reliable. This vehicle is necessary at this point because his ability to get out his wheelchair and into his car seat has become extremely difficult and dangerous. We are very proud to play an integral role in making their goal a reality. Please visit his website for more information on Joe and the amazing people behind the Joe-On-The-Go committee.