Meet The Team.

Tom on the Ice

Thomas Smith


Thomas E Smith’s agenda during his childhood had two focuses. His first was his passion for playing ice hockey. He took to the ice at a very young age and immediately believed this was his calling. Tom’s physical gifts confirmed that he was born to play this game. His muscular frame enjoyed the explosive speed, quick reflexes, and dominating upper and lower body strength. Tom’s commitment to success drove him to exercise his body tirelessly and to utilize fully his athletic attributes. Tom skated his way to success from youth hockey to the Junior A level after a successful senior season. Tom’s second goal was to be a positive force amongst his peers in all the different responsibilities of his life. He is deservingly recognized as “a contributor” in his family, his school, and his community. Tom is one of those unique individuals who recognizes and believes that “doing the right thing” is a personal responsibility.

On August 2, 2008, Tom suffered an injury that changed the course of his life forever. Because of a collision with an opposing player and his own goalie, he crashed into the boards. The impact paralyzed him. During Tom’s rehabilitation, he felt frustrated by the inadequate medical services in the Boston area. He then traveled to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Center in Miami Florida. In Miami, extensive treatment programs completely enabled him to return to the ice and also opened his eyes to the pain and suffering of other patients endured who were not making progress.

Tom returned to the ice fully recovered. Then, on October 1, 2009, Tom suffered another paralyzing spinal injury during practice. Although he is currently challenging his body to recover from this injury, he is embracing a much greater goal, not for himself, but for the many other patients who do not have access to the best care and treatment for spinal injuries. Tom sees The Thomas E. Smith Foundation as the answer to filling the void in medical services for spinal injuries in New England.