What Drives Us: January 2014

January 26, 2014- Only 92.8% left to go in 2014- have you made a difference yet? In a world of constant rhythms and flows, often times we neglect to challenge the reasons why we float in the currents that we do. To take a moment to reflect on the now better equips ourselves to handle the things that matter, and provides a glimpse into understanding our purpose, albeit some form or another.

Change is a good thing. There’s a certain freshness to it that frames new perspectives and discovery. Given that we are in peak season of new resolutions, projects and intentions, I have plenty of ideas for change, but my main focus is on churning those thoughts into reality. From an individual perspective, I want to introduce a voice to our cause that explains what drives us to do better for others. Our hope is for that voice to be heard and maybe even followed. Our work through the Foundation makes me realize the importance of fighting for causes bigger than myself. It enables me to understand that we all have the capability to make a difference for others and once that is realized, the world of opportunities can be limitless.

To get more personal, I played my college hockey career knowing that it wasn’t just an individual pursuit. Hockey was the vehicle in which our Foundation emerged, strong, after two devastating injuries to my friend Tom. I realized that because he could no longer play the game he loved, I needed to on his behalf. Now that my collegiate career has ended, that mentality has evolved into a new endeavor. For instance, I took 20,337 steps today. Unfortunately, I know too many people that aren’t able to take one. Since I have never experienced the injury I am now so close to, I can only understand the impact it has on the individuals I meet and their families from this perspective.

Each day, I try to draw motivation from individuals in the paralysis community who are pursuing improvements through physical therapy. Some days are easier than others, but when I take a moment to contemplate, I remember the people I have met through the Foundation. I find inspiration from the doctors and staff who challenge the current system to deliver better results and work for a cure. I become moved by the family and friends who commit themselves to providing unwavering love and support to those affected by this injury. Then I remember these are the people we are working for. These inspiring individuals are our purpose at The Thomas E. Smith Foundation.

So far, January has been an amazing month for us here at the Foundation. We’ve seen our support grow tremendously via the debut of the Look-Up Line™ at Frozen Fenway. We’ve connected with more people who understand what we are doing and more importantly why. And, Tom’s miraculous story is rightfully serving as the cornerstone for what we are building. The catalyst behind it all stems from the relentless vision we share and believe in. We are fighting to change the scope of this injury for the better and make 20,337 steps possible for every person.

What Drives Us January 2014

7.2% down- a long way to go, but I am optimistic as to what lies ahead.

Author: Foundation Co-Founder J. Tucker Mullin