July 29, 2014– Today we traveled to meet the Prescott Family. The family’s oldest daughter, just 5 years of age, is growing up with Spina Bifida.

For the youngest grant recipient in the history of The Thomas E. Smith Foundation, courage is a well-known ideology embraced on a daily basis. Refusing to let her own “kid moments” be any different from others her age, our most recent grant recipient, her family and close supporters have truly captivated our hearts.

prescott family

Our foundation is honored to be able to donate a “Snug Seat Rabbit Wheelchair” to the Prescott Family. This piece of equipment will now let this adorable 5 year-old be more mobile in the classroom and interact with her friends just as if she were standing. It will also help her physical condition by allowing her to have maximum growth and relief of pressure to her backside as she continues to grow.

For our organization, this donation was a “no-brainer.” The unwavering commitment from her mother and support network symbolizes the strength behind the people of the SCI community, and certainly stands for what inspires us to make an impact for those affected by it.

A very special thank you to the Pingree School, Concord Academy and Bodyco Fitness as it was the proceeds from their fundraisers that helped purchase the “Snug Seat Rabbit Wheelchair” for the Prescott Family!