Our Brands

John Stalwart makes jeans for those who expect nothing but greatness. Each year, we get a little older, wiser, and more experienced to tackle the upcoming season. We push our bodies to extreme levels for self-improvement and the betterment of the team. Our goal is to establish a clothing company that understands and embraces the athletic body type while achieving designer material and style. When you wear John Stalwart, you’ll find that the jeans provide the comfort and confidence you need to perform in any aspect of your daily routine.

For John Stalwart, becoming part of #TEAMCUREPARALYSIS isn’t just about finding a charitable cause to give back to, it’s proof that once you find something you believe in, the opportunities to make a difference can be limitless. Bound by our distinct membership in the hockey community, The Thomas E. Smith Foundation and John Stalwart believe in a shared value approach to raising awareness and funds to a very worthwhile cause.

In honor of the Foundation’s introduction of The Look-Up Line™, ice hockey’s first warning track, from now through May 5th order a pair of the Sunrise Chasers jet black denim using our discount code #LookUpLine and receive 10% off the sale price. Furthermore, for every purchase made, John Stalwart will donate a portion of the proceeds back to the cause.

We are extremely excited to partner with a brand that we wear ourselves, and know so many others who swear by the fit, style, and people behind John Stalwart. Befitting of the Sunrise Chasers inspiration, we too rebel against society’s time clock and push the boundaries of what can be achieved in a typical day. Through our shared approach, we are confident that each purchase is helping us both serve a bigger purpose for others.


Join the movement and get your Sunrise Chasers today!

Discount Code: #LookUpLine

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