farrarphotoBen Farrar is the kind of young man that you would want your son our daughter to be friends with. His infectious smile lights up the room immediately upon his entrance. His positive attitude and outlook on life inspires you to be a better person and not take any day for granted.

On April 19 2015, Ben was on the second day of an honors senior class trip in France. After working up a sweat while enjoying life with close friends in Cannes, he decided to go for a swim. Not knowing how shallow the water was, been dove into a wave head first and slammed his neck against the ocean floor, crushing his C5 vertebra and paralyzing him.

Within an hour he was transported to a hospital in Nice, where doctors fused two other vertebrae together to stabilize his neck. With no feeling below his chest, he fought infections in his lungs that occurred because he had swallowed so much sea water.

On June 3, Ben was transported via a medi-flight to Boston, MA where he was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital. After a significant stay at MGH, Ben was brought to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where he engaged in outpatient rehabilitation.

During his stay at Spaulding Rehabilitation, Ben faced a constant uphill battle with significant issues that are unfortunately common for those suffering from paralysis. However, at SRH Ben never lost his smile and positive attitude. His determination to walk again and beat paralysis is why he is going to defy the odds. To help Ben reach his goal of ultimately walking again, The Thomas E. Smith Foundation awarded him with a $10,000 equipment and physical therapy grant! Keep fighting the good fight Ben; WE BELIEVE IN YOU!